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French Angoras
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French Angora Breeding Stock

French Angora rabbits have the coarsest wool of all the angora breeds, though it is still much
finer than the softest sheep fibre (fiber). This feature provides two advantages to the hand spinner/knitter: the wool carries more pigment than the other breeds, and as the spun wool is
worked, a beautiful halo forms as the tips of the guard hairs slip out of the yarn's twist. French
Angoras also need less grooming than the other breeds because of their coarser wool.
Grooming your rabbit about once a week will keep it matt-free. The wool comes in a variety of
natural colours and is about seven-times warmer than sheep's wool.

The rabbit's wool can be harvested either by plucking it as it sheds, or by clipping it with scissors.
Plucking is preferred by hand-spinners because the bulb of each hair, which is left behind on the
rabbit when the wool is clipped, helps to hold the fibres more firmly in the yarn. Leaving the bulb
on the hair helps the spun yarn not to shed. A mature French Angora will yield between 1 and 2
pounds of wool each year.


Fuzzie's Heidi
Sable Pearl Senior Doe
Best in Show, Dorchester, 2011

Farfelu's Yeti
Ruby-Eyed White Senior Doe
Best in Show, Michigan, March, 2011


Fuzzie's Sir Beck
Black Buck
Grand Champion

Farfelu's Chelsea
Black Senior Doe


Maple Glen's Crystal
REW Senior Doe
ARBA Registered